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He only kills baddies, so as long as you don't get weird you'll make it out of this alive.

Dexter uses buying people doughnuts to pretend he is normal which is a solution everyone can endorse.

CONS: But he wears a lot of pastel colours so people would think you are dating someone in sales from Clapham. PROS: He understands hair, has a flat right in Central London and understands the importance of dinner so you'll never go hangry. CONS: Probably won't venture far from Fleet Street and will insist on feeding you pies which will really interfere with your My Fitness Pal regime.

You can never turn your back on him so those trademark short, weak massages you get off regular boyfriends are out of the question.

He also understands that you have a 3-step skincare routine and that these things require time in the bathroom.

Plus, he's a pretty snappy dresser for someone who likes Genesis.

He'll pick you up in his car AND take you on an interesting surprise date, like to see an anaesthetised tiger at the vet or something. BONUS PRO TO THE CON: If he does try to kill you at least you’ll get a hug off 80s William Petersen when he was at his peak on the bangability scale, before he started solving crimes on CSI and shaving his beard into an outline of where a chin should go. Super smart, certainly smart enough to set up the router without chucking a strop.

If things go as well as they should do after someone takes you to pat a real life actual tiger, you’ll find out that his house is by a picturesque river, ie. This guy is gonna cook you dinner AND match it with a nice wine, none of that £3.99 shit from Sainsburys with a ready-meal deal. Likely you will be the dinner and therefore miss out on the dinner.

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PROS: He’s totally down with restaurant reservations so you’re not gonna spend an hour waiting outside Five Guys on your date with Patrick Bateman.CONS: Will be judgey about whatever you choose to wear and if you ask for help choosing will most likely stab you to death.He would probably tell you about the features on his phone for 45 minutes if you ever asked him if he had signal.Not only did the film make stars of Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and others, not only did it mark the directing debut of John Hughes, but it also became one of the signature movies of the 1980s and the template for most high school comedies of the last 30 years.Hughes’ genius was to see teens as they saw themselves, to appreciate that their seemingly trivial moments of high drama really as icons frozen in time.

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