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(If you don’t believe me, compare Raekwon’s sophomore album However, that did not come to pass.Although the group toured Europe together this past summer, some members seem less than excited for a new project and while RZA claims to still be doing his best to make it happen, it’s clear that The Abbot’s wisdom is no longer unquestioned and there is some disharmony within the group.

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Raekwon [2009]Rumored for almost a decade with all sorts of conflicting reports — Busta Rhymes is executive producing, RZA isn’t contributing at all, RZA is producing the whole thing, Inspectah Deck will be the “co-star,” Dr.

It’s a decent effort, but in trying to prove how much he doesn’t need RZA, Rae actually proved the opposite.20.

, but he only had time to contribute about half of the beats, so the album is only half good.

Method Man [1998]A project full of highs and lows, had Method Man’s sophomore album included only the highs, it would have been a classic.

Plagued by far too many songs, too many skits, and a few too many guests, , it was obvious that all of the Wu members were no longer on the same page.

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