Who is jodie kidd dating

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We hope not ACTUALLY, as she’s a lovely, pretty lady and wouldn’t look right in dad jeans and with a dodgy barnet like Jezza’s, but you never know.The pair were spotted together in a north London pub earlier this week, so maybe Jeremy WAS giving Jodie tips on how to seamlessly transform into him and where best to go jean shopping. Stuart Husband hears why the future's bright for the sports-mad siren once labelled an unsuitable role model by Bill Clinton Jodie Kidd is eating some chocolate. But Jodie Kidd's off-catwalk activities seem far less likely to end in ridicule."I got so tired of having to insist that I ate spaghetti and steak all the time.They all wanted me to nibble a lettuce leaf before running off to be sick." Kidd is 26 now, but she still cuts a singular figure; she's filled out a little, but the word "rangy" could have been coined for her beanpole limbs, which are currently coiled awkwardly over a chair.

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Jodie’s now-ex husband David Blakeley was granted a “quickie” divorce at the Central London Family Court this morning, reports the Mail Online."I've got nothing to promote, and I'm very boring." She insists that modelling "was just something that sort of fell into my lap", much like her recent stabs at rally driving ("I didn't know I could do it but a friend worked at Maserati and invited me to go round the practice track and I just beat everyone..."); golf ("It's just a hobby but I keep getting invited to do these pro-celebrity things and I'm becoming obsessed..."); and television presenting ("I thought I'd be shite but friends urged me to give it a go and I think it's a really cool thing now...").In truth, her family background not only endowed her with the confidence to succeed, but also provided her with a social milieu in which the opportunities that have come her way seem more pre-ordained than freakish."We would fight and cheat and do whatever it took to come out on top" - and was sent to boarding school in Gloucestershire at 16, captaining the county in lacrosse and swimming and athletics at the expense of maths and physics and chemistry. "I was like, yeah, right," she says (Kidd frequently lapses into teen-speak: one of her favourite adjectives is "hardcore", as in, "I was sitting backstage at Marc Jacobs with Naomi and Helena and I thought to myself, 'This is hardcore.'") In fact, it was her mother who encouraged her: "She was the Vogue fan and she loved the idea.She took me to London and got me my first eyeliners, mascara and lipsticks.

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