When updating bios what is important

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That way we at least get the best performance levels available at the time.If it is a new mode adapter, we try to make a mental note to go back in a few months and check for updates, but we're not religious about it.Unfortunately, few of us would think (or perhaps have the moxie) to go back later and mess with the RAID firmware of healthy system unless there were problems.

It is worth checking if it is possible to recover from a bad firemware upgrade (i.e.

//spk I've used the SUU and the similar products from HP and IBM with success.

The only issues I have ever encountered were when a vendor driver was used to replace a Dell driver, for no technical reason, which caused the SUU upgrade to fail the OM upgrade on a Dell server.

JR I think it depends on type of environment you have to deal with.

If you work in environment that requires high availability and you can’t reboot servers when you want.

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