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If you’re a guy, the prospects for finding true love aren’t the greatest.But Reifman says it’s definitely a buyers market for the ladies. It seemed as though there used to be more artists, weirdos and free spirits here, if that's you're thing.One could easily be a misfit here and find others to hang with.

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more Nobody hits on anyone The passive-aggressive "Seattle Freeze" applies to dating, as well. Nobody hits on you unless they're drunk beyond belief, nor can they initiate non-awkward casual conversation. more Women are standoffish We also hear that men are disheartened when they try to talk to a Seattle woman and they automatically raise their guards. Sometimes we've been harassed too many times to give you a chance.

“If you’re a straight single woman outside of Seattle, this might be a great time to move here.

From Seattle Freeze to the influx of brogrammers, meeting people sometimes seems an impossible task in our fair city.

more Tech bros Of course we've always had geeks here from Microsoft and Boeing.

They make up the fabric of this city and we love them. But, at the risk of painting brogrammers with too broad a brush, they can be excessively work-driven, entitled, listless in their dating approach and not very well socialized.

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