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What it does: Soccer players often overlook upper body strength, but a strong chest and strong shoulders can be greatly beneficial for players, especially when they need to press through defenders.The bench press helps build the chest muscles, increases pushing strength, and will strengthen your triceps How to do it: Using a flat bench, place dumbbells on the floor on each side of you.

“Some players have a tendency to put [strength training] off to the side,” says Webb, who uses different exercises and techniques with his players, including lower body pushing, squats, deadlift variations, bench pressing, dumbbell rows, TRX variations, and vertical pushing with pull-downs.Webb uses squats as one of the primary lower body lifts for his players, including trap bar squats.“I think a good kind of indicator of where you want to be is if you can trap bar squat one-and-a-half times your bodyweight,” says Webb How to do it: Start standing with your legs wide, about shoulder-width apart.Holding a dumbbell in each hand (5-15 pounds), lunge to one side, and as you do it, lower the dumbbells towards the ground.Once your reach that spot, push hard off the leg and back to the starting position.

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