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Kant and Schiller both assert that "A myth does not represent debasement, or a sinking down from original perfection, not a victory of sensuality over reason, but on the contrary, it manifests the advancement of a man from a state of comparative rudeness to freedom and civilization." I am not in accord with these ideas because common reasoning tells me the case should be reversed. James Churchward, The Sacred Symbols Of Mu (First Published in 1933, Reprinted 1992), p. D., 03/24/13]"Strange as it may seem, the laws of physics suggest that immediately after the Big Bang, all the matter suddenly created should have been obliterated by an equal amount of antimatter, the strange and slightly distorted mirror image of normal matter." [Based on: THE DARK AGES BEGIN When the cosmos was about 400,000 years old, it had cooled to about the temperature of the surface of the Sun, allowing subatomic particles to combine for the first time into atoms.

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Colored highlights are used to catagorize data and facilitate a quicker review of events. M.] Besides quoting Max Muller I shall give a few extracts from writers on the subject whom science calls authorities.

As such, history portrays a work of art beginning like a hallway of children's drawings evolving toward higher grades.

It reflects a collection of attitudes ranging from free imagination to stolid ignorance.

The crushing pressures at their cores made them burn through their nuclear fuel in only a million years or so and caused them to spew radiation so intense that it kept other stars from forming.

The first "galaxies" might have consisted of clouds of hydrogen and helium surrounding just one mega-star And [v] God [alhym] said [amr]: 'Let there be [yhy] lights [mart] in [b] the firmament [rqya] of the [h] heaven [smym] to [l] separate [bdyl] from [byn] the [h] day [yvm] and [v] from [byn] the [h] night [lylh]; and [v] let them be [hyv] for [l] signs [att], and [v] for [l] seasons [mvadym], and [v] for [l] days [ymym] and [v] years [snym]; THE END OF THE DARK AGES The death of the mega-stars triggered the formation of normal stars, creating the first recognizable dwarf galaxies.

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