Nick jonas talks about dating

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Are you surprised that these two kids from are doing this huge tour together now?

It's surprising just in the world we live in -- it's tough to stay friends with people who are in the industry over this much time. They've seen each other go through so much, personally and in their careers.

“For me, it’s not so much feeling objectified but more a pressure to maintain a certain look,” he says.

“I’ve had a lot of friends – women in the business – that have talked to me about that.” One plus side?

So, they’ve found great support with one another and they lean on each other creatively. Joe also commented on being the subject of “Gonna Get Caught” from when they were dating.

“I was oblivious to that until I was asked to step out of a songwriting session or two, then it started to be a little clearer what this was about.

Find Out You've described Demi as like a sister. At one point I remember somebody saying, "I think they're drunk" after we got off the call because it didn't make any sense.

They'd ask a question, and all of a sudden someone's talking about squirrels.

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While we expected him to shut down the rumors completely, well...

It's like, it doesn't matter what comes our way. And being a pop star on top of that, that's a lot of pressure, but she's amazing at speaking truth to what she believes. Excuse my language, but she doesn't give a f---. Then I play with friends and they're just messing around, drinking beers, and I'm like, "Okay, I'm not crazy." So, sometimes he doesn't know how to [chill], but now that I don't get to see him as often, I don't mind it as much. Demi will overhear me and Nick talking and she'll be like, [demandingly] "What are you talking about?! Do you have a story that exemplifies the chemistry between you three? We used to do these satellite media tours, where we'd be staring into a camera, talking to local news outlets around the states or the world.

She goes out there and says, "This is who I am." Considering what we've all come from, it's not always easy. How Well Do Friends (and Tourmates) Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Know Each Other? Right before we were going on tour together for , you win." We got so good at it, and then so sloppy, that by the last interviews we were saying whatever came to our minds.

[Laughs] We’ve seen each other go through tough times, good times, in and out of relationships. It feels like we were children, although I guess we were.

She is like a sister to both of us, and it’s great to know we all have that support. We’re going to be able to make it through,” Joe said.

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