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In theory, all one would need for an Em Drive would be a power source, like solar energy or a reactor, to fuel anything ranging from a manned Martian mission to robotic probes going outside of the solar system.

Due to the imbalanced resonance from the complex geometry of a truncated cone, the electromagnetic field in the Em Drive becomes directionally dependent (anisotropic).

The performance of the engine depends on the material of the cavity (to reduce EM loss from absorption by the cavity walls) and temperature, which can impact the electromagnetic field, suggesting that future Em Drives made from superconducting materials would have high performance.

The spaceship or satellite must also be designed from the ground up to maximize the operating efficiency of the EM drive.

If China is able to install Em Drives on its satellites for orbital maneuvering and altitude control, they would become cheaper and longer lasting.

Li Feng, lead CAST designer for commercial satellites, states that the current Em Drive has only a thrust of single digit millinewtons, for orbital adjustment; a medium sized satellite needs 0.1-1 Newtons.

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