Hpv and dating

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Its like giving a reason to not get a 2nd date and she isn't very good at 'marketing' herself in the dating world, per se (she is attractive, but she doesnt make an effort to break out of her comfort zone to try new foods, new hobbies, meet new people and assumes her looks are "enough" to get a guy to keep dating her.thats another thread topic..lol).I think she should hold off on the HPV news until a guy likes her enough and is willing to know the skeletons in her closet (and vice versa).If things start to progress where she feels like it may get physical, she can disclose it then but there is no reason for her to advertise otherwise.If by the 2nd or 3rd date she feels like this person is someone she can see herself having a relationship with, then it's time for honesty.Acetaminophen isn't aspirin; however, my point is that referring to HPV as an "STD" is true but misleading, sort of like referring to Tylenol as "Drugs." You wouldn't tell your date that you are a "Habitual drug user" just because you occasionally take tylenol, even though that would be technically correct.Nor would you tell your date you had a "Sexually Transmitted Disease" , when you had HPV, even though it would also be technically correct.Plus, and I'll be honest, she never prostituted or anything. Needless to say, back then they didn't think you could get it through sex. Plus, she adn I were given alot of misinformation regarding it.You can judge me on that or not, but I would not be with a girl who was a prostitute. There wasn't that much information on it, and they were more focused on HIV. She told me that you couldn't get it, as well as some health official over the phone.

She was young, but had been a heroin addict for a year. I dealt with the heroin "thing" because I believe people deserve second chances.

HPV is a common STD but its not Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, AIDS or Herpes- and its not like she slept with 20 guys to have gotten it (she knows which of the 4 boyfriends in her life who gave it to her).

She says she will even go far as posting it on her online dating profile so she won't be accused of deceiving guys.

, we just got it out of the shop they did a nice job of touching it up! I didn't want to divulge such personal information so I let people wonder what the problem was.

That was the problem, my girlfriend and I were having.

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