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Just two people, both unhappily married and falling in love with each other.This subtle mood piece begins in wintry Finland but moves to Seoul in the second act. No surprise in what happens next, but I was always interested in the story.His family is not so perfect either with a daughter having child depression and mentally unease wife.The two meet for the first time at the gathering point of this special camp.“Even if we do individual activities, we’re the types to have a meeting as a group.

I understand every guy needs hobbies and that’s great but these guys always mention that they want a woman who shares their interests and I don’t like any of those things, in fact, I can’t do most of them because of health issues and lack of any athletic ability.

All the members supported me when I decided on appearing in this drama.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to them.” To celebrate Sooyoung’s upcoming role, fansites collected a total of over 1000 kilograms in rice donations and sent wreaths and other cheerful messages for her as well. The banner depicted in the second picture gives an inspirational message in English from fansite Soo Heart24.

The left wreath in the first picture, from Sooyoung Gallery, reads, “Minyoung~ take customers in groups. Teasers for “Dating Agency: Cyrano” have already been released.

Clients♡single since birth”, making a reference to Gong Minyoung, the character Sooyoung will be starring as. The first episode of the show is set to air on May 27th.

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    The desktop versions also allow video chat in The Cafe, The Balcony Chat Room and the Music Room.

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