Dating yandex member girl what to expect when dating a musician

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These 3 scam websites are owned and operated by a 57 years old German scammer Thomas Lautenbach (Nickname: Tommi)/ (Birth date: 13 April 1959). (Address: Am Wasserwerk 4, Rottenburg 84056 Germany (Also reported to be living and moving between Nuernberg, Seeheim-Jugenheim and Landshut near Munich) / Phone: 49 17641075286 - 49 8781203820 - 49 1708182407 / Email: (We received this photo from a German man who was ripped off by this scammer) This agency recruits girls from Russian and Ukrainian escort services, publish false information, invalid profiles, stolen Russian women's photos, send bogus emails and what worse this scammer write letters to clients on the lady’s behalf and after they feel that everything went “too far”, they write a long “sorry, I have found my soul mate” letter and that’s it.We would suggest very strongly that you do not use these websites.In addition I give you the current adress of Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach, since September 2007: Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach 63654 Büdingen - Orleshausen, GERMANY Hardeckring 16 A Phone: 49 6042-958786 Fax: 49 6042-9797074 Mobile: 49 176-41054084 Greetings from Germany!--------------------------------- Hello, We’ve found your site after dealing with Thomas Lautenbach.What enraged Zvooq was that amidst negotiations between the two companies, Yandex hired Zvooq’s marketing director Varvara Semenikhina in an identical position for its streaming service, Yandex. Zvooq claims that Yandex was never serious about a possible investment and was only looking to poach a key employee to develop its competing service.Zvooq estimates losses from the failed deal and the poaching at million.

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Victor Frumkin, Zvooq co-founder and CFO, tells Billboard that Yandex was in breach of a Non-Disclosure Agreement stipulating "no poaching" of Zvooq employees by Yandex.

"We will answer all legal claims in court as we are confident about our stand."The court case is to be heard in Limassol, Cyprus, where Zvooq's head company is registered, and the date is yet to be determined.

Launched in 2009, Zvooq is part of Dream Industries.

it is one big basket of fraud, thieves and scammers.

We recently received an email from a German truck driver who asked us not to public his name.

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