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According to the dialogue in the mission Taking in the Trash, Niko dreamed of becoming an astronaut when he was a child.

In a conversation with Dwayne Forge, Niko mentions the house where he grew up in did not have electricity until he was twelve.

Niko eventually becomes in forced contact with an International Affairs Agency front under the name of United Liberty Paper, who blackmails him into doing some "country-protecting" work.

Also, Ray Boccino managed to help Niko find Florian Cravic.

Niko and Roman flee Hove Beach when their apartment and Roman's taxi depot were burned down.Roman's connections eventually led to Niko making friends with Little Jacob, and taking work from the Russian Mafia, setting in motion the events of the game.After killing Vladimir Glebov, Niko is spared by Mikhail Faustin, although Dimitri Rascalov wanted him and Roman killed.Niko grew up in Yugoslavia, where he fought in the Yugoslav Wars.He later worked for organized crime syndicates as a hired-gun in Liberty City.

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