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This is best recommended for players new to the series or RPGs in general.In here, I will run through battle and field exploration and controls, along with menu commands.----------------- On the World Map: ----------------- *Uses the 'Search' command.It basically flashes out a pretty green light, and searches the area around you for items, towns, dungeons, etc. ----------------- On the Sandcraft: ----------------- *Allows you to head to Jolly Roger on Auto-Pilot.Third-party trademarks not intended to imply endorsement nor affiliation with respective trademark owners We receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you if a product is purchased through a partner referral link.

------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents I. I'll go over the controls in battle and in the field in this section.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Left Analog Stick/Directional Buttons: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This, like in every other video game, moves your characters.A Tale of Two Dungeons Faraway Pasts Sand Dancer All work and no play...Home Again The Last Guardian Shrine Three for the Price of Two Life Chapter 3: -chpt3- Demolition A Few Side Quests Histories Research Gunner's Heaven Capture Lombardia Teardrops Infiltration Deus Ex Chapter 4: -chpt4- Brotherly Love Demondor Revelations Finale Section 5: Bosses -bssgd- Section 6: Optional Dungeons -optdn- The Decaying Labyrinth The Abyss Section 7: Optional Bosses -optbs- Ring Keeper Bombur Kraken Emperor Marduk Bad News Heimdal Gazzo John Dee Power Trask Lolithia Adult Mag Black Box Arioch Balal Quo Naga, Part 2 Section 8: Coordinates -crdts- Section 9: World Map Items -wmits- Section 10: Migrant Seals, Booster Kits-mgsbk- Section 11: Millennium Puzzles -mlnpz- Section 12: Telepath Towers -tlptr- Section 13: Gunner's Heaven -gnshv- Section 14: Other Side Quests -othsq- Martina Florina EX File Keys Section 15: Arcana -aclst- Section 16: ARMS -armgd- Section 17: Sandcraft -sndct- Section 18: Item List -itmls- Section 19: Music Guide -mscgd- Section 20: Song Lyrics -snglr- Section 21: Closing -clsng- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- *-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*- *-_-*-_ Introduction *-_-*-_ *-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*-_-*- Welcome to Cyril's Wild ARMs 3 FAQ/Walkthrough.

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